We provide multi- and single-client market researches

With the help of our systematic, unbiased, comprehensive development methodologies and many years of research experiences, we are able to provide you multi-dimensional and in-depth market research services. In addition to the off-the-shelf reports, we also develop customized studies upon your individual requirements and wishes. During the development of customized research projects, we listen to you and work closely with you, so that we make our services meet your needs.

 market environment analysis


The nowadays market is so dynamic and changeable, that no firm can afford to ignore the most up-to-date market information. The in-depth analysis of the business portfolio becomes indispensable for a company to develop a fit business strategy and improve market position.

 strategy development

Business decisions involve a large variety of issues ranging from fundamental shifts of business scope, or entering a new industry or new market, to concrete tactical questions like package design and promotion. On a corporate level, the process for the decision-making is a never-ending, ever-complicated process. It is no wonder that so many business plans cannot be totally implemented out of various internal or external conflicts.

As a result of global economic integration, firms must consider overseas investment and operation, whether proactively or reluctantly, so as to sustain competitive advantages.

The forecast that this trend will intensify is strongly supported by current economic development and the life cycle theory for international trade and direct investment.