World Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals Market

World Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals Market

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The world pharmaceutical fine chemicals market in 2021 was valued at approximately US$ xxx billion. It enjoys a much better market prospect than other fine chemical industries, with ca. x.x% plus higher growth rate. Its global sales was estimated at US$ xxx billion in 2022, and is expected to reach US$ xxx billion by 2024 and increase to US$ xxx billion by 2027. It is a changing market with opportunities and risks such as niche technology, emerging markets, overcapacity, stricter regulations and heavier competition.

Acmite Market Intelligence has finished a most comprehensive market report on global pharmaceutical fine chemicals market. It is ready for order.

The market report examines the current market structure and customer base, provides extensive market data of 2021 and market forecasts through 2024 to 2027. It also outlines the competition landscape, and evaluates market chances and risks based on a series of influence factors.

  • Over 230 pages about the market
  • Ca. 65 figure tables
  • Ca. 300 company profiles of pharmaceutcial fine chemicals manufacturers

With a multi-dimensional and in-depth view of world pharmaceutical fine chemicals market, this study is ideal help for you with decisions about international market penetration, business expansion or project feasibility analysis.


Table of Contents

Volume I

1. Segmentation and Definition
1.1 Segmentation of chemicals
1.2 Segmentation of Pharmaceutical fine chemicals
1.3 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
1.5 Value chain of PFC industry
1.4 History and background of pharmaceutical fine chemicals

2. Macro-environment
2.1 Trends in the world economy and the chemical industry
2.2 The chemical industry
2.3 Industry concentration
2.4 Laws and legislations concerning chemical industry

3. Pharmaceutical fine chemicals market
3.1 Market overview and forecast
3.1.1 Fine chemicals market overview and forecast World fine chemicals market by application World fine chemicals production World fine chemicals consumption
3.1.2 Pharmaceutical fine chemicals market and forecast World pharmaceutical fine chemicals production World pharmaceutical fine chemicals consumption World PFC market by therapeutic category World PFC market by end user World PFC production by business model
3.2 PFC market trends
3.3 PFC market drivers and opportunities
3.4 PFC Competition situation
3.5 Measures of PFC companies to address challenges
3.6 Industry dynamics: investment, divestment, M&A

4. Customer base (Pharmaceutical market) analysis
4.1 Customer market segmentation
4.2 Pharmaceuticals market size and forecast
4.2.1 World pharmaceuticals market of by region
4.2.2 Market development, history and forecast 1999-2010 in %
4.2.3 World pharma market: brand-name drug vs. generics
4.2.4 World OTC drug market
4.2.5 World biopharmaceuticals market
4.3 Largest 50 pharma companies by revenue 2004 vs. 2006
4.4 World market of pharmaceuticals by therapeutic category
4.5 21 leading drug groups: market and forecast

5 Manufacturing technologies and processes
5.1 Overview of PFC manufacturing technologies and processes
5.2 30 most frequently mentioned processes
5.3 Top 200 pharmaceutical products

6 Pharmaceutical fine chemicals market by therapeutic category
6.1 PFC market in CVD
6.1.1 Product analysis
6.1.2 PFC in CVD market and forecast
6.1.3 CVD drug market
6.1.4 Leading market players, their products in use and in pipeline
6.2 PFC in Central nervous system (CNS)
6.2.1 Product analysis
6.2.2 PFC market in CNS market and forecast
6.2.3 CNS drug market
6.2.4 Leading market players, their products in use and in pipeline
6.3 PFC market in Oncology
6.3.1 Product analysis
6.3.2 PFC in oncology market and forecast
6.3.3 Oncology drug market
6.3.4 Leading market players, their products in use and in pipeline
6.4 PFC market in Infectious disease
6.4.1 Product analysis
6.4.2 PFC in Infectious disease market and forecast
6.4.3 Infectious disease drug market and forecast
6.4.4 Leading market players, their products in use and in pipeline
6.5 PFC market in metabolic system
6.5.1 Product analysis
6.5.2 PFC in metabolism market and forecast
6.5.3 Metabolic system drug market and forecast
6.5.4 Diabetes Drug market and forecast
6.5.5 Leading market players, their products in use and in pipeline
6.6 PFC market in Respiratory disorder
6.6.1 Product analysis
6.6.2 PFC in respiratory market and forecast
6.6.3 Respiratory diseases drug market
6.6.4 Leading market players, their products in use and in pipeline
6.7 PFC market in Gastro-Intestinal (GI) diseases
6.7.1 Product analysis
6.7.2 PFC in GI market and forecast
6.7.3 GI drug market and forecast
6.7.4 Leading market players, their products in use and in pipeline
6.8 PFC market in musculoskeletal disease
6.8.1 Product analysis
3.7.2 PFC in musculoskeletal disease market and forecast
3.7.3 Musculoskeletal disease drug market
3.7.4 Leading market players, their products in use and in pipeline
6.9 PFC market in other therapeutic categories
6.9.1 PFC market in haematologic disease
6.9.2 PFC market in ophthalmic disease
6.9.3 PFC market in dermatologic disease
6.9.4 PFC market in urogenital disease

Volume II

Company profiles

A Selected List of Our Customers

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