World Pigment Market

World Pigment Market

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Global demand on pigments was estimated at roughly US$xx.x billion in 2016, around x.x% up from the previous year. It is predicted to increase in a stable growth rate in the coming years. The world sales will increase to US$ xx.x billion in 2022, and reach US$ xx.x billion in 2025.

Pigment producers, particularly those for high performance pigments are facing market restructuring and price adjustment as market leaders are looking for measures to keep margin and to strengthen market position.

Acmite Market Intelligence has finished the latest update of its market report on global pigment market. It is ready for order.

The market report examines the current market structure and application areas, provides extensive market data of 2009, and market forecast through 2012 to 2018. It also outlines the competition landscape, evaluates market chances and risks and anticipates future trends based on a series of influence factors.

  • 230 pages analyzing the market
  • 60 figure tables
  • 280 leading manufacturers profiled

With a multi-dimensional and in-depth view of world pigment market, this report is ideal help for you with decisions about international market penetration, business expansion or project feasibility analysis.


Table of Contents

Volume I

1. Definition
1.1 Colorants
1.2 Pigment
1.3 Dyestuff
1.4 Pigment and dye
1.5 Pigments and fillers

2. Segmentation
2.1 Inorganic pigments
2.2 Organic pigments
2.3 Specialty pigments
2.4 Pigment characteristics

3. Macro-environment
3.1 Trends in the world economy and the chemical industry
3.2 The chemical industry
3.3 Industry concentration
3.4 Laws and legislations concerning chemical industry

4. Pigment market
4.1 Market data
4.1.1 World pigment market overview
4.1.2 World pigment production
4.1.4 World pigment market by type
4.2 Market trends and chances
4.3 Market drivers and opportunities
4.4 Market restrains and challenges
4.5 Innovations and technologies
4.6 Competition situation of pigment market
4.7 Measures of pigment producers to meet industry challenges

5. Product
5.1 General properties of pigments
5.2 Inorganics vs. organics
5.3 Inorganic pigments
5.3.1 Important properties of inorganic pigments
5.3.2 White pigments Titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments Titanium dioxide (TiO2) overview World production of TiO2 pigment by process World TiO2 production capacity by region World TiO2 pigment consumption by region World TiO2 pigment market by application Industrial dynamics and competition Zinc sulfide pigments Zinc oxide (ZnO, Zinc White)
5.3.3 Black pigment Carbon black pigment market Black pigment market by application Other black pigments
5.3.4 Inorganic color pigments Classification of inorganic color pigments World market of color pigment World market of inorganic color pigments Iron oxide pigments World iron oxide pigment production by type World Iron Oxide pigment production by region World iron oxide pigment market by region World Iron oxide pigment market by application Chromium oxide pigment Products, properties and uses World market and application of chromium oxide pigment Complex inorganic pigments / mixed metal oxide pigments (MMO) Products, properties and uses World market and application of MMO pigments Chromate pigments Products, properties and uses World market and applications of chromate pigments Other inorganic color pigments
5.4 Organic pigments
5.4.1 Azo pigments Products, properties and uses World market and application of azo pigments Monoazo yellow and orange pigments Disazo pigments β-Naphthol pigments Naphthol AS pigments Benzimidazolone pigments Disazo condensation pigments
5.4.2 Polycyclic pigments (Nonazo pigments) World market and application of polycyclic pigments Phthalocyanine pigments Quinacridone pigments Perylene and perinone pigments Other polycyclic pigments
5.4.3 Other organic pigments

6. Applications
6.1 Application overview
6.2 Pigment demand by application field
6.2.1 World pigment market by application
6.2.2 Pigment market by application in the Western Europe
6.2.3 Pigment market by application in North America
6.2.4 Pigment market by application in Japan
6.3 Paints & coatings
6.3.1 Definition and application
6.3.2 Market size and forecast
6.3.3 Market trends, chances and risks
6.4 Printing inks
6.4.1 Definition and applications
6.4.2 Market size and forecast
6.4.3 Market trends, chances and risks
6.5 Plastics and rubber
6.5.1 Definition and applications
6.5.2 Market size and forecast
6.5.3 Market trends, chances and risks
6.6 Other application fields
6.6.1 Paper and paperboard
6.6.2 Textiles and leather
6.6.3 Cosmetics and toiletries

Volume II

Company profiles (ca. 280)

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