Market Environment Analysis

 market environment analysis


The nowadays market is so dynamic and changeable, that no firm can afford to ignore the most up-to-date market information. The in-depth analysis of the business portfolio becomes indispensable for a company to develop a fit business strategy and improve market position.

Acmite's matrix for business portfolio analysis is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated models to

  • evaluate the market's risks and chances,
  • assess the company's strengths and competitive position, and
  • identify the most attractive industries or markets

Typical factors on macro-level:

  • Market size
  • Market growth rate
  • Market profitability
  • Overall risk of returns in the industry
  • Entry barriers
  • Political and regulatory environment
  • Social/cultural environment
  • Demographic pattern and trends
  • Infrastructure
  • Relevant technology development

Typical factors on micro-level:

  • Products and product image
  • Innovations and technologies
  • Market share
  • Intra-industrial and extra-industrial competition
  • Distribution structure
  • Assets and financial competence
  • Management competence
  • Demand variability
  • Customer loyalty
  • Supply sources

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