Global Catalyst Market

Global Catalyst Market

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Benefiting from rapid recovery in automotive and chemical industry overall, catalyst market experiences over average growth as well. Global demand on catalysts was valued at US$xx.x billion in 2015 and will witness robust growth in the next years.

To meet growing market demand, heavy investments have been made or planned for construction of new manufacturing facilities in both developed regions and developing regions. Driven by higher precious metal prices and limited rare-earth supply, global leading catalyst producers are also investing significantly in research and development of new products, processes and technologies.

With environmental regulations, rising raw material prices, heavier feedstocks and call for green chemistry as driving forces, catalyst industry presents a dramatically changing market with opportunities and risks.

Acmite Market Intelligence has finished the latest update of the report on global catalyst market. It is ready for order.

The market report examines the current products and application areas, provides extensive market data of 2015, and market forecast through 2019 to 2024. It also outlines the competition landscape, evaluates market chances and risks and anticipates future trends based on a series of influence factors.

  • 218 pages analyzing the market
  • 61 figure tables
  • 270 company profiles of catalyst manufacturers

With a multi-dimensional and in-depth view of global catalyst market, this market report is ideal help for you with decisions about international market penetration, business expansion or project feasibility analysis.


Table of Contents

Volume I

1. Definition and segmentation
1.1 Definition
1.2 Segmentation
1.2.1 Classification of catalysts
1.2.2 Catalysts by material
1.2.3 Catalysts by application field

2 Products
2.1 Homogeneous catalysts
2.2 Heterogeneous catalysts
2.2.1 Applications
2.2.2 Products
2.3 Comparison of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts
2.4 Biocatalysts
2.4.1 Product
2.4.2 Application
2.5 Other catalysts
2.6 Overview of the development of catalysis and catalysts in industrial use
2.7 Major properties of catalysts
2.8 Industrial importance of catalyst

3. Macro-environment
3.1 Trends in the world economy and the chemical industry
3.2 The chemical industry
3.3 Industry concentration
3.4 Laws and legislations
3.4.1 Legislations concerning chemical industry
3.4.2 Emission control legislation

4 Overview of catalyst market
4.1 Catalyst Market and outlook
4.1.1 Catalyst market by type
4.1.2 Catalyst market by region
4.1.3 Catalyst market by material
4.1.4 Catalyst market by application
4.2 Market trends and chances
4.3 Industry dynamics 
4.4 Investments, Divestments, M&A
4.5 Competition analysis

5 Market by material
5.1 Metal-based catalyst market
5.1.1 Metal-based Catalyst market
5.1.2 Precious metal catalyst market Precious metal catalyst demand by application Precious metal catalyst demand by type Precious metal catalyst demand by region Historical demand and prices of precious metal Market trends and opportunities
5.1.3 Base metal catalyst market Base metal catalyst demand by application Base metal catalyst demand by type Base metal catalyst demand by region Market trends and opportunities
5.2 Organometallic Catalysts market
5.2.1 Organometallic Catalysts demand by application
5.2.2 Organometallic Catalysts demand by type
5.2.3 Organometallic Catalysts demand by region
5.2.4 Market trends and opportunities
5.3 Acid Catalysts
5.3.1 Acid catalyst demand by application
5.3.2 Acid Catalysts demand by region
5.3.3 Zeolite Catalysts Zeolite Catalysts demand by application Zeolite Catalysts demand by region
5.3.4 Market trends and opportunities
5.4 Biocatalyst 
5.4.1 Products and processes
5.4.2 Biocatalyst market by type
5.4.3 Biocatalyst market by region
5.4.4 Biocatalyst market by application
5.4.5 Fine chemicals market by segment
5.4.6 World fine chemicals production by region
5.4.7 Market trends and opportunities

6 Market by application
6.1 Overview
6.2 Polymerization catalysts
6.2.1 Products and processes
6.2.2 Polymerization catalyst market by type
6.2.3 Polymerization catalyst market by resin
6.2.4 Polymerization catalyst market by region
6.3 Chemical processing catalysts
6.3.1 Products and Processes
6.3.2 Chemical processing catalyst market by segment
6.3.3 Chemical processing catalyst market by region
6.4 Petroleum Refining Catalysts
6.4.1 Products and processes
6.4.2 Petroleum refining catalyst by segment
6.4.3 Petroleum refining catalyst by region
6.4.4 World oil refinery capacity (by country)
6.5 Environmental catalysts
6.5.1 Products and processes
6.5.2 Environmental catalyst market
6.5.3 Automotive catalysts Products and processes Automotive catalyst market by type Automotive catalyst market by region Demand of precious metal for autocatalyst
6.5.4 Other environmental catalysts
6.6 Biofuel 
6.6.1 Products and processes
6.6.2 Biofuel catalyst market by region 
6.7 Catalyst regeneration
6.7.1 Overview
6.7.2 Catalyst regeneration market
6.7.3 Market trends and opportunities 

Volume II

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