Global Biomedical Metal Market

Global Biomedical Metal Market
Third Edition
Updated: June, 2014
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Benefiting from robust growth in the application markets such as orthopaedic implant, cardiac/vascular implant and others, biomedical metal market is experiencing well above industry average growth. The advancements in biomaterials in turn massively boost the development of the biomedical devices industry.

The global demand on biomedical metals reached US$14.52 billion in 2013. With a growth of approximately 7% annually in the next years, the market is expected to approach US$18.96 billion by 2017 and to increase to US$26.54 billion by 2022.

Stainless steels are still the largest product group of the biomedical metals, accounting for more than half of the total biomedical metal market, followed by titanium/Ti-alloys and cobalt-based alloys. Ti-alloys, although used as biomaterials for shorter time than other major biomedical grade metals, have most promising growth prospect thanks to their excellent biocompatibility and mechanochemical properties.

Acmite Market Intelligence has updated a most comprehensive market report on global biomedical metal market. It is ready for order.

The report examines the current products and application areas, provides extensive market data of 2013, and market forecast through 2017 to 2022. It also outlines the competition landscape, evaluates market chances and risks and anticipates future trends based on a series of influence factors.

  • Over 210 pages analysing the market
  • Ca. 60 figure tables
  • 288 profiles of profiles of leading manufacturers

With a multi-dimensional and in-depth view of world biomedical metal market, this report study is ideal help for you with decisions about international market penetration, business expansion or project feasibility analysis.


Table of Contents

Volume I

1. Definition and segmentation
1.1 Market definition
1.2 Market segmentation
1.3 Product and applications
1.4 History of biomaterial business

2. Macro-environment
2.1 Trends in the world economy
2.2 The medical devices industry
2.4 Market regulations

3. Overview of biomedical metal market
3.1 Market data and future outlook
3.1.1 Biomedical metal market by product category
3.1.2 Biomedical metal market by application
3.1.3 Application market of biomedical metal by segment
3.1.4 Biomedical metal demand by region
3.1.5 Metallic biomaterial production by region
3.1.6 Application market of biomedical metals by region
3.2 Market trends and chances
3.3 Competition analysis
3.3.1 Leading biomedical metal manufacturers
3.3.2 Market concentration
3.3.3 Supply chain in biomedical metals
3.3.4 The competitive structure of orthopaedic implant devices market
3.3.5 The competitive structure of dental supplies market
3.3.6 The competitive structure of surgical instrument market
3.4 Industry dynamics

4. Products
4.1 Stainless steel
4.1.1 Products, properties and applications
4.1.2 Market data and forecast Stainless steel market by type Stainless steel market by application Stainless steel market by region
4.1.3 Stainless steel 316/316L Stainless steel 316/316L market by application Stainless steel 316/316L market by region
4.1.4 Nickel-free austenitic stainless Nickel-free austenitic stainless alloy market by application Nickel-free austenitic stainless alloy market by region
4.1.5 Market trends and chances
4.2 Titanium and Ti-based alloy
4.2.1 Products, properties and applications
4.2.2 Market data and forecast Titanium and Ti-based alloy market by type Titanium and Ti-based alloy market by application Titanium and Ti-based alloy market by region
4.2.3 CP Titanium CP Ti market by application CP Ti market by region
4.2.4 Ti6Al4V / Ti6Al4V Eli alloy Ti6Al4V / Ti6Al4V Eli alloy market by application Ti6Al4V / Ti6Al4VEli alloy market by region
4.2.5 Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy Ti-6Al-7Nb market by application Ti-6Al-7Nb market by region
4.2.6 Other titanium alloy
4.2.7 Market trends and chances
4.3 Cobalt-based alloy
4.3.1 Products, properties and applications
4.3.2 Market data and forecast Cobalt-based alloy market by type Cobalt-based alloy market by application Cobalt-based alloy market by region
4.3.3 CoCrMo alloy CoCrMo alloy market by application CoCrMo alloy market by region
4.3.4. CoNiCrMo alloy CoNiCrMo alloy market by application CoNiCrMo alloy market by region
4.3.5 CoCrWNi alloy CoCrWNi alloy market by application CoCrWNi alloy market by region
4.3.6 Market trends and chances
4.4 Nitinol
4.4.1 Products, properties and applications
4.4.2 Market data and forecast Nitinol market by application Nitinol market by region
4.5 Other biomedical metals

5. Application
5.1 Orthopaedic implant
5.1.1 Market segmentation
5.1.2 Market size and outlook Biomedical metal market in orthopaedic implant by type Biomedical metal market in orthopaedic implant by region Orthopaedic implant demand by segment Orthopaedic implant demand by region
5.1.3 Market trends and chances
5.2 Trauma
5.2.1 Market segmentation
5.2.2 Market size and outlook Biomedical metal market in trauma fixation by type Biomedical metal market in trauma fixation by region Trauma fixation demand by segment Trauma fixation demand by region
5.2.3 Market trends and chances
5.3 Dental supplies
5.3.1 Market segmentation
5.3.2 Market size and outlook Biomedical metal market in dental supplies by type Biomedical metal market in dental supplies by region Dental supplies demand by segment Dental supplies demand by region
5.3.3 Market trends and chances
5.4 Cardiovascular implant
5.4.1 Market segmentation
5.4.2 Market size and outlook Biomedical metal market in cardiovascular implant by type Biomedical metal market in cardiovascular implant by region Cardiovascular implant demand by segment Cardiovascular implant demand by region
5.4.3 Market trends and chances
5.5 Surgical instrument
5.5.1 Market segmentation
5.5.2 Market size and outlook Biomedical metal market in surgical instrument by type Biomedical metal market in surgical instrument by region Surgical instrument demand by segment Surgical instrument demand by region
5.5.3 Market trends and chances
5.6 Other application market

Volume II
Company profiles

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