World Plastics Additives Market

World Plastics Additives Market

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The global demand on plastics additives for use in industrial and consumer goods was estimated at US$ xxx billion in 2015, roughly x% up from the previous year. It is expected to increase to US$ xxx billion by 2022 and reach US$ xxx billion by 2025.

As the industry overall is facing such problems as increasing regulatory cost, lost profit margin, heavier competition, etc., producers strengthen their market position through restructuring and consolidation.

Acmite Market Intelligence has finished a most comprehensive market report on global plastics additives market. It is ready for order.

The market report examines the current market segments and application areas, provides extensive market data of 2015, and market forecast through 2022 to 2025. It also outlines the competition landscape, evaluates market chances and risks and anticipates future trends based on a series of influence factors.

  • Ca. 270 pages analysing the market
  • Ca. 90 figure tables
  • 300 profiles of leading manufacturers

With a multi-dimensional and in-depth view of world plastics additives market, this study is ideal help for you with decisions about international market penetration, business expansion or project feasibility analysis.


Table of Contents

Volume I

1. Market definition and segmentation
1.1 Definition
1.2 Segmentation
1.2.1 Types of additives and applications
1.2.2 Classification of plastics

2. Macro-environment
2.1 Trends in the world economy and the chemical industry
2.2 The chemical industry
2.3 Industry concentration
2.4. Laws and Regulations
2.4.1 Human health and environmental aspects
2.4.2 Laws and regulations Laws and legislations concerning chemical industry Regulations concerning plastics additives

3. Plastics additives market overview
3.1 Market data
3.2 Market trends and drivers
3.3 Market restrains
3.4 Product and technology Innovations 2005-2008
3.5 Investment, divestment, M&A 2006-2008

4 Market by Product
4.1 Antioxidant
4.1.1 Product and uses
4.1.2 Antioxidant market size and forecast Antioxidant demand by product Antioxidant demand by region Antioxidant demand by plastics type
4.1.3 Market trends and Chances
4.1.4 Competition analysis
4.2 Light Stabilizers
4.2.1 products and uses
4.2.2 Light stabilizer market and forecast Light stabilizer demand by product Light stabilizer demand by region Light stabilizer demand by plastics type
4.2.3 Market trends and chances
4.2.4 Competition analysis
4.3 Heat stabilizer
4.3.1 Products and uses
4.3.2 Heat stabilizer market size and forecast Heat stabilizers demand by product Heat stabilizers demand by region
4.3.3 Market trends and chances
4.4 Biocides
4.4.1 Products and uses
4.4.2 Biocide market size and forecast Biocide demand by product Biocide demand by region
4.4.3 Market trends and chances
4.4.4 Competition analysis
4.5 Flame retardant & smoke suppressant
4.5.1 Products and uses
4.5.2 Flame retardant market size and forecast Flame retardant demand by product Flame retardant demand by region Flame retardant demand by plastics type
4.5.3 Market trends and chances
4.5.4 Competition analysis
4.6 Blowing agent
4.6.1 Products and uses
4.6.2 Chemical blowing agents market size and forecast Chemical blowing agents demand by product Chemical blowing agents demand by region
4.6.3 Market trends and chances
4.6.4 Competition analysis
4.7 Compatibilizer
4.7.1 Products and uses
4.7.2 Compatibilizer market size and forecast Compatibilizer demand by product Compatibilizer demand by region Compatibilizer demand by plastics type
4.7.3 Market trends and chances
4.7.4 Competition analysis
4.8 Impact modifier
4.8.1 Products and uses
4.8.2 Impact modifier market size and forecast Impact modifier demand by product Impact modifier demand by region Impact modifier demand by plastics type
4.8.3 Market trends and chances
4.8.4 Competition analysis
4.9 Filler
4.9.1 Products and uses
4.9.2 Filler market size and forecast Filler demand by product Filler demand by region Filler demand by plastics type
4.9.3 Market trends and chances
4.9.4 Competition analysis
4.10 Lubricant & Processing aids
4.10.1 Products and uses
4.10.2 Processing aids market size and forecast Processing aids demand by product category Processing aids demand by region Processing aids demand by plastics type
4.10.3 Market trends and chances
4.10.4 Competition analysis
4.11 Plasticizer
4.11.1 Product and uses
4.11.2 Plasticizer market and forecast Plasticizer demand by product Plasticizer demand by region Plasticizer demand by end use
4.11.3 Market trends and chances
4.11.4 Competition analysis
4.11.4 Competition analysis
4.12 Other plastics additives

5 Market by Application
5.1 Overview of plastics production, consumption and application
5.2 Plastics additives market in PVC
5.3 Additives market in PE
5.4 Additives market in PP
5.5 Additives market in PUR
5.6 Additives market in PET
5.7 Other application markets

Volume II

Company profiles (ca. 300)

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